Thursday, July 1, 2010


Slogans help me sometimes. Recalling a favorite saying (some I even make up myself) helps me on days or times when I need a little extra boost.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has some great slogans. A few of my favorites are:

Act as if.
Fake it till you make it.
Stinkin' thinkin'.

Another one is Easy Does It. This one is my favorite, and the hardest for me to follow.

I tend to get easily overwhelmed. I tend to focus really hard on what I'm doing. I tend to take on too much sometimes. I tend to be impatient. I tend to be a perfectionist. I tend to be constantly on the move; on the go; on to the next thing to do.

So Easy Does It comes to mind and has served me well since I first heard it. It tells me to s-l-o-w down, take a deep breath, clear my head before going on. Aaahhh, it feels good to do that.

A slogan of sorts that I made up years ago (I've never told anyone this) goes like this, but I actually have a little tune to go with it. Since I can't share the tune in this blog, you'll have to make one up that works. The words are simple:

One foot in front of the other -
And we'll make it yet.

Except I repeat it four times to finish the song.

I use this on many occasions: when I am perhaps carrying something heavy and I feel I can barely reach my destination; walking in a bitter cold air with a raw wind and my destination seems so far away; going through almost any kind of ordeal.

In other words, it serves as a distraction until I find I reached my goal or survived the ordeal (the ordeal could be the dentist).

Okay, I shared some of my tricks to get through things, turn a bad day around, survive a bit better. Maybe you have some others you have found help you.