Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Country mouse

My daughter-in-law, Julie, just redecorated my granddaughter's bedroom.

Out with the barnyard animals that has been the theme of the room since Ava's birth three years ago.

So now we have a "French country mouse" theme. Julie asked me if I could stitch something for the new decor.

A French country mouse...hmmmm...finding a pattern was going to be an interesting challenge.

And indeed it was. Actually, it was impossible. I searched the Internet and looked at several stitching shops, including the cookie-cutter Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics variety. Lots of mice, per se, but they were either the Christmas or the Mickey Mouse variety.

It became clear I would need to find an alternate design to match the room. I went back to Ava's room to take a look and there it was, all over the curtains, the rug and the country mouse lampshade...HEARTS!

Well, now we're talking. There are heart patterns galore.

The one I chose is called French Country Love.

So I started it over the weekend. I'm making the top one in the white frame.

I figured she'll outgrow the country mouse someday anyway. But hearts? For a little girl? Are you kidding?

Anyway, this Grandma's heart is going into every stitch.