Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We got the kinks out

Last week we celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary.

We thought of different ways to celebrate. We don't usually buy gifts for each other, but we always do something special on our anniversary. This year, neither of us could come up with anything original.

So I thought back to when we were dating.

We did pretty simple things even back then, one of which was just taking a drive around our local area. We both came from the city, so living in a rural area was still new and novel to us.

We'd make some great discoveries during our driving outings: bakeries, markets, county fairs, and cafes. We live in a Swedish town so a lot of places specialize in Swedish goods, food and gifts. We even have "Sven's Clogs" where clogs are made and shipped worldwide.

So we celebrated the day by taking a drive to Harris, Minnesota. 19.9 square miles and 320 households.

And Kaffe Stuga - the best little cafe with great burgers, crisp salads with their own French dressing, and awesome homemade pies.

When we returned home, we sat on the patio and reminisced for awhile. Remembering our first couple of years, and the adjustments we had vastly underestimated going into marriage mid-life and for the second time, my husband said: "Sixteen years is good. Now we have the kinks out."

Yeah, so we do....and life is good.