Monday, July 19, 2010


BFF: Best Friends Forever.

There is nothing like a really good, long time, tried-and-true friend.

I have one, and I am so blessed. Friends for over fifty years, we met in home economics class during our freshman year of high school. My, that was a long time ago.

Together, we went through all the drama of our high school years, passing notes back and forth between classes, seeking advice or consolation, and sharing both the high and low points of just being a teenager.

From babysitting, to our first jobs, to senior Prom, to high school graduation, and then our engagements and our weddings, we celebrated with each other.

Then we raised our families together, hosting baby showers for each other and sharing recipes and tips about everything from diapers, baby formula and teething to potty training. Our children started school and we shared those years as well. Parent-teacher conferences, skinned knees, my daughter's surgery.

When we could steal away time for ourselves, we met for coffee in the evening hours. Though we lived about forty miles apart, we met at a coffee shop half-way between.

With our families raised, we started celebrating our children's weddings, and then the births of our grandchildren.

We mourned a few losses in between: her sister, my marriage. Her sister-in-law and baby nephew, my father.

Now even our grandchildren are growing up, and we find we have time to just be together. With both of us retired, we can meet for coffee or lunch during the day. Even spend the entire day together. These are such valued and treasured times.

We confide in each other just as we always have. No judgments, no holds barred. Unconditional love and acceptance of each other.

Our husbands have become good friends, a real bonus. What more could we ask?

Everyone, everywhere, needs a friend, through thick or thin. My friend, Mary Kay, is that person for me.