Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is a difficult Mother's Day for me.

It is the first time I don't have a mother to shop for. A special greeting card, flowers, a fragrant lotion, or other such special treasure would be hers if only she were here to receive it.

I have been avoiding the card aisle at the stores recently. They all shout Mother's Day, as they do with all holidays and special occasions, so that you can't claim ignorance if you've frequented Target, Wal-Mart, a grocery or drug store in recent weeks.

I have received beautiful cards from those who mean the most to me, and it gladdens my heart to know I am honored by them.  But I can only honor my own mother's memory this year. 

Some time ago, I came across a poem she wrote in an old scrapbook and I scanned it for safe keeping. She wrote it for her own mother in 1938 at the age of fifteen.

Mother's Day is a day of pride,
For mothers round the countryside.
The time to be happy, the time to be gay,
The time to cast all your cares away.

When children show their love for Mother,
You tell her that you love no other.
Then mother's heart is happy and gay,
On this, the nicest day in May.

And when I am sad, I remember that my mother lost her own mother much earlier than I did. I had my mother with me for 66 years.

She, however, lost her mother at 21 when she was a new wife and mother. She did not have the benefit of her mother's wisdom as she was starting a home and raising children, as I did. Or just sharing everyday joys and sorrows.

I have been so blessed. And I am so grateful to the wonderful and gracious woman I had the privilege of calling mother.

I believe all women should celebrate Mother's Day. I believe women are born nurturers and all should share the honor.

Have a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day.