Sunday, July 25, 2010

If I'm sitting

I stopped by my all-time favorite yarn shop, Mrs. I's Yarn Parlor, in Osceola, Wisconsin, one day last week.

The twenty-minute drive there, crossing the St. Croix River, is breathtaking. Besides, there is a homemade ice cream shop in the same building.

But as many times as I've been there, I've never noticed Mrs. I's business card.

I had to chuckle when I read her slogan: "If I'm sitting, I'm knitting."

I have now adopted it for my own.

I know I drive my mother crazy because when I am visiting her, I pull out my knitting from my purse (a small project is always kept there), and I knit while we're talking.

One day she asked me why I always had to be doing something. She said, "Can't you ever simply sit still?"

The answer is no.

I could say, "Idle hands are a devil's workshop." Or remark how precious time is and we shouldn't waste it.

Or feign a deadline for a project I need done in time for: a) my friend's birthday tomorrow, b) getting in the mail by Saturday, or c) entering in the county/state fair by next week.

The truth is, I am just too antsy to sit still and do nothing. I need to be productive. Call it hyper, call it ADD, or anything you like. I just prefer to be busy.

I never go to movies. Can't stitch or knit in the theater. At home, I can watch a DVD and be doing something.

Riding (not driving) in the car without anything to do is just plain miserable. Ask my husband. I just can't have it. Thus, the knitting project in my purse.

How does one change something that is so engrained in one's personality? I'm not sure I want to.

So, if I'm sitting.....