Friday, July 23, 2010

Never too late

Although tried-and-true best friends are nice (see BFF post), new ones are nice, too. It is never too late for a new friend.

I found this out recently with the development of a friendship, right here where I live.

Wanting to form a new habit of daily walking for exercise, I asked my neighbor, Lenore, who walks several times each day, if I could join her sometime. I was thinking she would not only provide inspiration but a little accountability as well.

We went for those walks together and a new friendship formed. Right here where I live.

I recently joined a new church. After visiting several in the area, I was pleased that this one offered what I was most looking for: friendship and community. All the others offered what you would expect from a church, but not necessarily warm, welcoming friendship. This one treated me like visiting royalty. They made me feel special.

Isn't that one of the best things about friendship? You feel special.

It's really never, ever, too late for a new friendship to bloom. And you never know who is looking for you as a new friend.

Stay open to the possibility and you will be richly rewarded.