Thursday, July 22, 2010

An ordinary day

Learn to appreciate an ordinary day.

When it is anything but ordinary, you find yourself wishing for one of those hum-drum days when nothing unusual happens, and your routine is safely intact and uninterrupted.

That was the case up to a few days ago when the phone rang and my sister, Joan, informed me Mom had been taken to the hospital with heart attack symptoms: shortness of breath, sweating, but no chest pain (which is typical for women).

I rushed out the door and met my sister at the local hospital emergency room. Mom was given an electrocardiogram, blood work and a chest x-ray. All looked good.

Then towards midnight, after a heart scan and even more blood work, one of the tests was repeated and came back positive. So she was admitted with a possible heart attack.

After a few hours of sleep, I was back at the hospital, only to find out she was being transferred to a larger hospital in St. Paul where more advanced cardiac care was available. So I drove to that hospital, following the ambulance that was transporting her. More blood work, more tests, this time an echocardiogram that showed some chest wall abnormality.

This morning my sister, Edie, came from Ohio, a real angel of mercy as she is a cardiac nurse. She also speaks Greek, which is what medical terminology is to me. So she was a great comfort to Mom, a good translator and a great advisor.

This afternoon Mom had an angiogram with great results! There is no blockage and only a minor weakness that can be easily treated with medication. It appears she can go home tomorrow.

So after one more trip to the hospital, I hope we can take her home.

And look forward to an ordinary day.