Friday, June 25, 2010

Nostalgic recipes

Searching for the orange bread recipe from 1953 that I made earlier this week, I found another oldie.

So today I made Woody's Bran Muffins, a recipe I got in 1976.

Woody's was a restaurant located right off Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Of course, Cottage Grove, once a suburb of 3-bedroom ramblers that all looked the same, no longer resembles what it was in the 70s, and Woody's has long since closed.

Back then, we lived in Cottage Grove in a 3-bedroom rambler, very near Woody's Restaurant. After the kids were off to school and before my husband left for the office, we loved to have breakfast there together to start the day.

They were great breakfasts: basted eggs, hash browns, an orange slice, and always a bran muffin.

And there really was a Woody.

I met Woody when his sister was a patient at Mounds Park Hospital in St. Paul. I was working there and he was visiting his sister. I told him how much we loved those wonderful bran muffins. Flattered, he offered me the recipe:

The best part about this recipe, besides how good it tastes, is that it makes enough for an army (or perhaps a restaurant), and keeps in the frig for six weeks. So when you want them fresh from the oven, voile, you have your batter all ready. Efficient, huh?

I baked some today. Mmmmmm, so good. And what great memories!

P.S. If you click inside the recipe, it will be enlarged and easy to read.