Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bathroom renovation project: Check!

The bathroom renovation is complete. What a relief.

It was more work (well, not so much for me) and mess (yes, for me) than I ever imagined. The walls were torn down to the studs and new walls went up with tile installed in the bathtub area. The old 1970s small white floor tiles were taken up and new tile installed in a diagonal pattern. The big old, ugly vanity was removed and a new one installed.

Last, but not least, the globe swag lights bit the dust. Since there are lights built into the mirrored cabinet above the vanity, they didn't have to be replaced.

The fixtures are all brushed nickel. How trendy is that?

Our contractor (and good friend), Bob, was meticulous, thorough, and well organized. Ben, the tile guy, was adorable. Oh yes, he did very careful work, too. Rich, the plumber (and our son-in-law), outdid himself, carefully putting parts together and giving us back a functional bathroom once again.

Then my fabulous neighbor, Elaine, painted two coats of paint on the walls, so artfully and patiently cutting around the tile and ceiling to give us the finished look.

George was off on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota all this time and missed all the fun! Elaine and I hung the shower curtain, I filled the soap container and hung the towels, and it was all done about an hour before he arrived back home...Happy Father's Day, Dear!

Here's the new look!

What do you think?