Monday, June 28, 2010

Growing like weeds

Nobody warned me that herbs grow like weeds.

The sweet basil and spearmint are taking over my garden.

I'm going to have to Google to find out what to do with it all. Freeze it? If so, do I chop it up first? Does it get soggy?

I really just like things fresh. Nothing seems the same after being frozen or canned.

While snapping the photo of the herbs, I took this one of my cute little barnwood bench my brother-in-law, Ron, made me years ago.

Ron is a great woodworker and made all my garden ornaments, like the one in the herb picture, as well as our bird houses and feeders. The barnwood came from their country home in rural Ames, Iowa.

And the little pile of seeds next to the bench are for the benefit of the chipmunks. They fill their little pouches with it and have a great time.

Okay, truth be told, it's for the benefit of my husband.

He loves to watch our cat, Catrina, go crazy when the chipmunks are outside our patio door. He lures the little critters with the seeds just to watch Catrina stare like a hawk and just about go through the glass door in nervous excitement.

While he is amused by that sight, I'm glad we're providing a good meal for a few chipmunks. I think they've spread the word around the chipmunk neighborhood because there seem to be more coming for breakfast every morning.

Too bad they don't like herbs.