Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You know how it is

You buy something as simple as a pillow. You end up changing the decor of the whole darn room just to match the pillow.

Ours began with the purchase of a couch. We wanted a sleeper sofa to accommodate extra guests, and the former owners had only two recliner chairs in the living room.

As I said in the last post, the couch led to new carpeting. New carpeting led to new drapes. New drapes led to new drapery rods. Then we needed a new chair to match the room. The couch, chair, new carpeting and drapes led to painting the whole room.

Painting the whole room has now led to painting the bedroom as well. Painting the bedroom led to new curtains. New curtains led to a new bed skirt and quilt. New paint led to new closet hardware.

We're exhausted. What made us think this was our retirement get-away where we could relax and enjoy life at a slower pace?

Ah well, it's coming together and the end is almost in sight. I am certain we'll agree it was a worthwhile investment and a good plan in the end.