Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burger bash

Every Friday at The Resort, the park where our home is located, there is a "Burger Bash" around the pool. The large grills are set up and resident volunteers do the grilling.

Only sometimes it is a "Chicken Bash" and sometimes, a "Brat Bash."

Well, we attended the Brat Bash on Friday.

Over 300 people attend and somehow all are served. How it is done so quickly and efficiently is beyond me. I have trouble getting two dishes done at the same time to serve the two of us.

The bash starts at noon. But you must get a ticket in advance ($5), and you must arrive at 11:00 if you want a chance at a place to sit.

But you are rewarded with musical entertainment while you wait. While I'm not overly fond of country-western music, our guitar-pickin' singer kept us in a lively mood and accompanied all the chatter without drowning us out.

Most tables were filled with groups of friends, and most were involved in card games as they waited. You could quickly tell they were veteran resort dwellers. In fact, many have been here for over twenty years and know each other well by now.

Our own table was filled with friends as well. We joined Mary Kay and Bob, our long-time friends from home, and some new friends, Glen and Nancy, who hail from Washington and live across the street.

Our wait to eat was well rewarded with brats served on a really fresh bakery roll, sauerkraut and potato salad. We've learned to bring our own beer or soda along, but if you're not with the program and you didn't bring your own, you can buy it.

Being entirely with the program, we brought our own.
Our afternoon was complete with an invitation for dessert on the porch at the Minars: lemon cake with an orange glaze.

Great weather, great food, great friends. Life is good in Mesa!