Monday, January 10, 2011

Settling in

I never thought I would be tired of shopping. Especially home decor stuff. Bedding, towels, bath supplies, kitchen spices, a coffee pot, iron, paper products, and things for the walls.

All to make our new home is Arizona feel like our home.

When we arrived, we found boxes that had been packed for our former owner's move to Florida. On about the third evening here, we sat and opened all the boxes. It felt like Christmas all over again. We were like little kids, wondering what was inside each item we unwrapped.

We discovered to our delight many usable things, all wonderfully new to us. But, of course, there was a growing list of things we would need or wanted to change. So shopping we went.

My husband easily grows weary of it. He would take his list, look at one thing in the store, and put it in his cart.

Not me.

I have to look at five, at least, of the same item before deciding which is the best quality, the best looking, the best bargain, the best all-around fit for our needs.

And this has its advantages. I get to go shopping by myself.

It is a great way to become familiar with the streets and roads in a new town. Try to find the nearest Target, JC Penney's, Best Buy or Kohl's, and you have navigated the main thoroughfares.

Now we are settling in nicely, putting up new curtains, programming the new TV, subscribing to the local paper. We're almost finished and are ready for a new daily routine. One that doesn't include working non-stop from morning to night.

I must admit it has all been rather fun. Kind of like newlyweds. And like a new bride, I get to select new bedding and towels, some new appliances, new places to put things in clean cupboards.

But mostly, it just feels good to be settling in.