Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunset on the lake

These past few weeks have been hot, not only in Lindstrom, Minnesota, but all over the nation.

The past few days have been almost unbearable with high temps and extremely high dew points. There is no breeze whatsoever today, and even if one occurred, it would be a hot breeze.

But oh, the sunsets we have experienced.

My husband loves to take pictures of sunsets. We have a box full of them. He thinks each and every sunset is unique.

I agree. I just don't need to have a photo of each one.

Your mind's eye is taking and collecting pictures all the time. Sunsets, a butterfly hovering over a daisy, a bee collecting nectar, a hummingbird at the feeder. Autumn leaves turning color, frost on the trees, a pristine snow covered field. An ice-covered lake. A glassy blue lake.

They are all there anytime we want to recollect them.

There is beauty all around us in God's miraculous creation. We are constantly taking our own pictures of them.

Sometimes in our everyday busy-ness, we don't notice them.
But they are always there.

I hope you see some beauty as you go about your day. Take a picture of it in your mind.

Maybe you will see a glorious sunset tonight.