Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mardi Gras in Lindstrom

Let the good times roll!
Our Park Street neighborhood was transformed yesterday as we celebrated Mardi Gras right here in Lindstrom, Minnesota.

And I do believe you would think it was February in New Orleans.

It even started with a parade.

Masks and costumes were worn by all the guests.

Nawlins cuisine was served: shrimp, seafood stuffed shells and crab dip with crackers. Frozen strawberry Daquiris (for the adults, of course), jambalaya, gumbo with rice, King's cake for dessert.

There was lively dancing in the street, and games and prizes for all ages. We all played Bingo, and I never knew there were so many versions: 4-corners, postage-stamp, x's and cover-all.

Our hosts were our good
friends and neighbors
par excellence,
the Pahls.

At 9:00, when it grew dark, the yard lanterns were lit. Children waved laser wands that lit up in the dark.

Then came the fireworks. Ah, what a glorious fireworks display they were. They couldn't have been better in New Orleans.

What a grand finale to a fun August celebration.