Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A rainy day

Don't you just love a rainy day?

It is raining today. A welcome rain, bringing much needed moisture to a thirsty ground.

It began about midnight. I woke only slightly to notice the lightening and hear rain falling and blowing against the bedroom window. Even Catrina, the cat, stirred and poked her head up from where she was snoozing at the foot of the bed.

Then the rain gently lulled me, and Catrina, right back to sleep.

A rainy day gives me permission. Permission to slow down. Permission to stay in and skip all the day's errands. Permission to read. To stitch. Or knit. Watch Lifetime movies.

Even before retirement, when I was still working, I felt more content in the office on rainy days. Not the usual yearning to hurry up the day so I could be outside.

Rain can spoil an event planned outdoors, or for those who had planned an outdoor activity, or for those who do outdoor work and must continue on in the rain.

But as for me, I'm happy on a rainy day. And when the rain stops, I'll look for the rainbow.

Maybe I'll find that pot of gold.