Thursday, May 27, 2010

Right way, wrong way

If you look at my Storyteller cross stitch photo from yesterday, you'll notice I am working from the bottom up.

This, according to experts, is the wrong way to cross stitch.

Apparently, according to experts, you start in the middle and work down, then turn your piece around to stitch down again, which is the top of the piece. Something about not sharing holes or some such thing. I never did get it.

So if I were to teach you how to do counted cross stitch, it would have to be using the "Carol Method". This method, according to Carol - me - has you determining the middle of the piece, both vertically and horizontally. Then you would carefully count down to the bottom of the pattern and voile, that's where you start your first stitch. From there, you work your way up to the top. Logical, huh? Plus you can see the pattern unfold better.

Since two of my pieces have managed to win ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair through the years, I guess the method you use isn't all that important. My point is to use whatever method works for you and make your project a truly enjoyable and gratifying experience.