Thursday, May 20, 2010

Planting the garden

Yesterday we planted our garden.

I use the term "we" loosely. My job is to choose the flowers at the local nursery and it always takes longer to do that than all the other steps combined. So much to choose from.

Okay, that done, my husband steps in and proceeds to prepare the soil, dig the little holes, place the plants in the ground, according to my design, of course, lovingly pat the ground around them, fertilize and water. Oh yes, he also pulls the weeds throughout the summer and waters, waters, waters.

But - it's my garden.

Truth be told, I used to do all of the above. That was before arthritis in my knees crept in slowly but surely, altering my life to a great degree. But I'm not complaining. My husband grew up on a farm and is a great tiller of the soil. His tomato plants are prize-winning, if he would choose to compete. His competition is with our fellow gardners in our condo. They ooooh and aaaaah in praise of his tomatoes, comment on his being better than all the rest, and that's competition, and satisfaction, enough for my husband.

This year I'm experimenting with herbs in my flower garden. "We" planted sweet basil, thyme and mint between the flowers. I'm quite a cook these days, you know. Since I retired, I've attacked cooking with a passion, experimenting with new recipes and trying to prepare healthier foods. I am discovering herbs and can hardly wait to use them fresh from my garden. My favorite salad calls for fresh mint and isn't the same without it.

Any advice from you seasoned herb growers is most welcome.