Saturday, May 8, 2010

Everyday Life: The birth of a Blog

For a long time now, I've wanted to start a blog. I love to write and keep in touch with friends and family on different aspects of ordinary life. I believe it's the sum total of everyday life experiences that make a person unique. Things we think are "ho-hum" ordinary, accumulated and added layer by layer to our experiences, make for interesting stories - and make others richer for the telling.

Such was the case in a book I just read: The Fighter Pilot's Wife by Gilberta Guth. She wrote about her experiences married to a fighter pilot during the Korean War, the almost-daily fears of losing him on a mission, moving wherever he was assigned, constantly uprooting her family and leaving friends behind. I was inspired by her story over and over as I turned the pages - not because of any one incident that was outstanding but rather her loyalty and devotion to a life she chose.

I tried to do the same as I was writing Ragnhild's Story, a novel based on the life of my Swedish immigrant grandmother. She would never have thought herself a hero, and yet the total of her everyday experiences tell a story in which her life truly mattered, as all of ours do.

I hope you enjoy being connected in this way.