Monday, March 7, 2011

Beauty counter

Last week, when I was in Minnesota, I spent a most delightful day at Maplewood Mall, shopping for makeup for my mother.

She asked if, since I was home, I would do some shopping for her. She gave me her list: light brown eyebrow pencil, a compact with vanilla, rose and two other shades of eye shadow, and a tube of concealer. Estee Lauder, no less. Lancome is reserved for her facial cleanser, and Regenerist is her moisturizer.

Mind you, my mother is 87 years old, and is recovering in a transitional care center from a recent fall, with her right leg in a boot for four to six weeks.

I love that she wanted new makeup. I love that she still cares about her appearance. I love that she likes quality products. She has always been, and still is, one, very classy, lady.

The consultant at Macy's was welcoming and most helpful. She had me try on different shades, which was fun for me as I don't wear much makeup. I was inspired by all the choices and couldn't resist sampling a few things for myself. I even took home a "10-day" trial bottle of foundation with the exact color formula written on a little card so I could have more made for me.

That was last week. I have yet to try it.

As I paid for my Mom's purchases, the consultant informed me it came with a free bag of goodies: lip conditioner (whatever that is), lipstick, wrinkle cream (that I can use), makeup remover, mascara, an eyebrow pencil. All in a beautiful blue and white cosmetic bag. The lipsticks even have their own little matching bag to put inside the larger bag.

I decided I'd keep the freebies; my mother later concurred.

Going up and down the various makeup aisles, I also sprayed on several samples of cologne. I especially loved the one at the men's counter. I hadn't even realized I was at a men's counter.

But I walked out of the store feeling so, well, beautiful. Like I was somehow transformed.

As I passed a mirror on my way out, I had a sudden reality check: red coat with fur collar, brown suede Uggs, camel corduroy slacks, black gloves. Thirty (at least) pounds that need to come off. Hair that's in dire need of a new style.

But I smelled so good, and my face was made up perfectly, compliments of Estee Lauder.

I headed out to the parking lot to my car, turned on the car radio, and this is what I heard the announcer say:

You're only beautiful if your beauty is projected onto others.

I was supposed to hear that. I felt better then.