Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living our own lives

I recently learned, or should I say, re-learned, a most valuable lesson.

After spending several days brooding over a hurtful remark, I was gently reminded to live my own life and leave others to theirs.  Their misery does not need to be ours.

This is a basic premise of Al-Anon. This group wisely teaches that we are powerless over another person. We cannot shape them into something of our own design, but rather our focus needs to be on ourselves, our own behavior and our own thoughts.

This is not to excuse bad behavior on the part of another person; it just means allowing the offending person to take responsibility for themselves, and deciding for ourselves our own course of action.

I tend to need to learn this over and over again. A slow learner, perhaps.

But it is never too late. My young nephew very indirectly set me back on course and reminded me to stay to stay positive. He is a wonderful living example of this with his helpful and cheerful demeanor.

I heard once that resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

I often suffer much more than anyone who offends me because of my tendency to withdraw and "suffer in silence," rather than confront or address the problem directly.

The particular issue for this instance is behind me and well on its way to being forgotten. But the "teacher appeared" to remind me of a valuable lesson. And so I share it with you....I pass it on and leave it to your pondering.

It is a beautiful day today in Lindstrom, Minnesota. Baby sparrows nest in the birdhouse as their mother flits about overhead to watch over them.  A light breeze, sunshine and a variety of birds sweetly chirping their contentment all lend to a positive spirit.

If you have any burdens today, I hope your day is made lighter by choosing a positive path.