Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodbye, friends

One by one, our Mesa friends are leaving for their summer residences.

It has gotten noticeably quiet on our block as RVs have pulled out of their winter spots, leaving only a concrete slab.  I have marveled at the way in which they're able to make their temporary locations look like home.  Some put up awnings, outdoor area rugs, bright colored flower pots, and sometimes even solar lights and lanterns.

Now, as you walk through the park, you see some park models (as we have) covered with heat-resistant panels in the windows, the steps moved away from the doors, grills covered and empty driveways.  No sign of life in those units. Quiet and obviously empty.

Activities and clubs have been suspended for the season. Woodworking, lapidary, quilting, ceramics, oil painting, and silversmithing have all come to
a halt. No more morning bikers and afternoon hikers. Concerts and other  entertainment offerings are no longer scheduled. Last Sunday was our last community church service in the park. Friday burger bashes around the pool have come to a close, as well.

We had a farewell lunch yesterday with some park friends. And then an impromptu "Happy Hour" later in the afternoon as some were busy packing up for their long journey home.

Bob, George, Nancy, Mary Kay
We couldn't have gotten half of what we accomplished since our arrival without the collective help of the "project boys" who pitch in and help each other with home maintenance projects.  Many hands making light work. Each with his own skills and expertise. The work got done and camaraderie was built.

Worker-bees: Bob, George, Jim, Glen
This morning, we bid adieu to our friends, Mary Kay and Bob. Of course, we will see them in Minnesota, but it was sad to watch them load their car, drive down the block, around the corner, and out of sight.

Then this weekend, we say goodbye to Glen and Nancy. Again, we will watch as they pack their vehicle and head home to Spokane, Washington. Neighbors, Ardis and Don, will leave next week for Fergus Falls, Minnesota. And Jim will leave for his summer home in Show Low, Arizona, where the days are cooler than here in Mesa.

As for us, we'll be a bit lonesome without them as we stay here until May. But we have several projects to see us through, and want to do some sightseeing in outlying areas before we leave for home.

Goodbye, dear friends. You have made our first winter here so enjoyable and memorable.