Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gone to the dogs

Here I am in Minnesota, just me and the dogs.

I flew home from Arizona yesterday to watch my three grand-dogs while their masters (son, Steven and daughter-in-law, Julie) are off to a vacation in Hawaii.

Am I crazy?  Let's just say that only for a son who is very loved would one do such a thing.

So the house is quiet, all three dogs are napping, and I'm getting set up for a quiet little retreat of my own.

Rest assured, I arrived fully equipped with stitching, knitting, books, a photo book project, and my iPod. I will not lack for things to do.

A bonus was seeing my little granddaughter, Ava.

Sporting her little backpack on wheels, containing fruit snacks, games and airplane toys, she told me all about what she plans to do and see in Hawaii... dolphins, whales, seeing fish under water... so much awaits her there. She assured me she would tell me all about it when she returns.

I have no doubt. A very verbal and animated 4-year-old, she will have many stories to share.

Another benefit of coming home is being able to visit with my mother, recuperating in a transitional care unit from a fall a couple of weeks ago. No broken bones, just an injured foot which is benefiting from physical therapy and a big boot.

We have already planned a hamburger-chocolate malt dinner together tomorrow evening, a welcome break from the institutional fare she's been enduring.

I may also experiment with a few recipes while here, so I'll pass along my results, unless they prove to be disastrous.

So stay tuned for a few Minnesota adventures.