Friday, October 15, 2010

A me day

Everyone once in awhile, I take what I call a "me" day.

If you've never done this before, you do not know what you're missing. I urge you to try it.

It is a day where I do something special.
Just for me.

Either a little adventure by myself, or a day of pampering. A pedicure, shopping for nothing in particular, or just allowing myself the luxury of a quiet day at home.

Last week, on a beautiful warm autumn day,
I decided it was time for a me day. A little adventure this time.

So I left the house mid-morning, steering my car along Interstate 35 and I-494, past the airport, past the Mall of America, and proceeding on to Highway 7 West. This took me along a beautiful drive leading to Minnetonka, and my favorite stitching shop, Stitchville USA.

Alas, it is the only stitching shop for miles around.

If another shop like it even exists in a two-hundred mile radius, I don't know about it. Stitchville is worth the 100-mile round trip drive from Lindstrom to Minnetonka.

So I arrived there and was treated like a queen by owner, Debbie Clarke. I'm guessing she knew it was a me day, because she gave me her undivided attention, selecting fabric,
a heart charm, and framing for my granddaughter, Ava's, French country heart piece. She even sewed on the charm for me.

See? She did know. Such service. Such a beautiful shop. So inspiring.

From there, I went next door to Old Chicago restaurant, to get my favorite sandwich, their Italian melt. Mmmmm, so good. Because it was a me day, I ate slowly while reading a bit of my book. Then I splurged on their warm apple tart for dessert. Yum....

No worry about calories because it is, after all, a me day.

Then down the road on Highway 7 to the Minnetonka General Store.

You haven't seen a gift shop until you've seen this place.

It is loaded with gifts: kitchen, bath, seasonal, children's, Minnesota items, Christmas, candles, books, frames, and more, more, more. Hours are whiled away there and you have no idea where the time went.

But again, it's a me day so I don't care.
At this point, I called my husband and told him what leftovers were available in the frig for dinner. Then I got a praline ice cream cone at the country store. And continued shopping. Even splurging on their new cookbook. For who else? Me.

The day was beautiful: friendly people everywhere, the weather perfect, the fall colors and scenery along the way absolutely gorgeous.

I arrived home so relaxed and feeling so special. What a great day. A perfect me day.

And, best of all, a day spent with my best friend. Me.