Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alexis

Our little Lexie (our great-granddaughter) is now four years old.

She wanted a "Dora Princess" party. She talked about little else for weeks, telling us excitedly all about it.

Well, a "Dora Princess party" is exactly what her Mommy and Daddy delivered for her.

The sun was shining in the beautiful Marthaler Park on a cool, crisp autumn day. Sarah had hot cider with lemon and cinnamon sticks waiting for her guests.

And, of course, Princess hats and balloons.

The children were blindfolded as they played Pin the bracelet on Dora. Of course, the highlight was the Princess crown piñata.

Again, the children were blindfolded as they attempted to break into the piñata, spilling out all the candy treats.
Lexie didn't like her blindfold, but continued to keep her eyes closed.

When, at last, the crown was broken, each child was given a princess bag to collect the goodies.

We feasted on many varieties of piping hot pizzas. And Princess Punch, made by Grandma Kristie.

And, of course, what else but a special Dora birthday cake...homemade by Mommy.

A perfect way to celebrate, don't you agree?

Lexie thanks Mommy with a kiss!